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Maple Creek Comfort Classics

  • Turkey Dinner

    • $8.49

    A combination of slow roast  white/dark turkey served over stuffing, Mote Carlo vegetables, choice of potato, jellied cranberries and a dinner roll.

  • Open-Faced Sandwiches

    • $7.29

    Your choice of slow roasted white and dark meat turkey with our creek stuffing or our homemade meatloaf (pictured) served over grilled sourdough with our homemade redskin mashed potato smothered in gravy.

  • Liver & Onions

    • $8.99

    Farm raised beef liver topped with bacon and smothered with sautéed onions. Served with Monte Carlo vegetable, choice of potato,and a dinner roll.

  • Meatloaf Dinner

    • $8.99

    Our homemade meatloaf served with a side of beef gravy, Monte Carlo Vegetables and your choice of potato